We sell and produce plain white hotel bed linen and white dobby bed linen with stripes and white dobby motifs. Both plain white and dobby bed linen have several quality variants.


For plain white bed sheets, we have avilable CVC and 100% cotton

CVC material is a fabric composition consists of 50% cotton 50% Polyester. The advantage of CVC is that it is not easily scratched and easier to maintain. While the drawbacks for comfort are not as high as 100% cotton bed linen.

CVC materials have two qualitie : 

CVC TC 144

CVC TC 200

TC is the yarn density. The higher the number means the better the quality.

The Center Hotel Cotton is a fabric whose fabric composition consists of 100% cotton. The advantage of cotton is the level of comfort. The material is finer and cooler than the CVC bed linen. While the shortage of cotton tends to be more worn than CVC. Cotton bed linen has two qualities, namely: TC 200 cotton TC 300 cotton The Center Hotel For white bed linen, the dobby material is all 100% cotton. Both the white bed linen stripe motif and white box motif. The quality of dobby material consists of Thread count 220 and thread count 300.

Inner duvet 1.jpg

Duvet cover &

Inner Duvet

We produce and selling Inner duvet and duvet cover.

For inner duvet material is dacron best quality for the insert and CVC 144 for the cover.

For duvet cover, we have many several material like cvc, cotton 200, dobby stripe, dobby square. And we can make size by request

Hotel Room with Pillows

Dacron Pillow

Material insert is dacron best quality 

and the cover is CVC 144

bantal bulu angsa.jpg

Microfibre Pillow

Material cover is cotton dobby and the insert is microfibre

Cushion & Bed runner

We produce Cushion and bed runner. Size and material can be by request. We also have ready stok for cushion and bed runner with our size standard.

Size cushion in common is 40x40 - 45x45 and 30x60.

For size bedrunner width is 40cm. For the long is 150cm, 200cm and 250cm

Hotel Bedsheet